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Twelve former daycare providers under the “Colorado Child Care Assistance
Program” (CCCAP) have been removed from the program after an internal
investigation by the Department of Human Services showed registered sex
offenders living at the same location of some CCCAP providers. The internal
investigation was launched after a report from Independence Investigates
showed potential address matches between CCCAP providers and registered
sex offenders.

The state Department of Human Services (DHS) was quick to point out,
however, that while some sex offenders may have been living at CCCAP
locations, no children were under the care of any of the 12 ousted CCCAP
providers when the investigation was ongoing.

CCCAP is a state-administered program that aims to help keep low-income
adults in the workforce by subsidizing a portion of their childcare expenses.
A parent who meets income and other requirements can take her child to an
approved childcare provider. The provider charges a lower out-of-pocket rate to
the parent, but then receives a subsidy on the back end from a mix of state and
federal dollars. Most of the approved providers operate out of their homes, as
opposed to brick-and-mortar retail locations.

In February, Independence Investigates published the results of a year-long
investigation. Investigates took the full list of available childcare providers
under the CCCAP program, and cross-referenced all of the addresses against
the full list of registered sex offenders on the database maintained by the
Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Upon finding several exact address matches,
Investigates immediately turned over its findings to DHS to allow the agency
to act as quickly as possible to remove any children from harm, should those
circumstances exist.

Beyond just removing the 12 providers, DHS says they have made systematic
changes to multiple programs. According to spokeswoman Liz McDonough,
both the CCCAP program and Child Care Licensing have implemented a standard that now checks all childcare providers against the Colorado Sex Offender Registry.

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